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About us




Co-founder Irene "Doom" Dose photographed by Benedetta Bassi and wearing the "Wheels are a girl's best friends" tshirt.


Busking Bears is an italian streetwear brand made by rollerskaters, for rollerskaters.

We rollerskate every day because rollerskating gives us freedom of choice: there's so much you can do on wheely shoes! 

We are also inspired by nature, action sports, adventure and escapism.

"Adventure" is a state of mind. We don't need weekends or holidays to experience adventure. Adventure is an everyday choice and this is why we want you to feel comfortable in our tshirts and sweaters, always.




@happy.skater.kid photographed by Lenny Gilmore and wearing our "Drama Free Rollerskating Club" baseball shirt




Busking Bears started as a just-for-fun project by us, Irene and Tommaso Dose, back in 2014. Today it's a proper business.


Irene is Busking Bears' creative director and takes care of everything visual, from designs to social media. With a specialization in graphic design and visual arts, Irene works full-time in a communication agency based in Trieste and works at Busking Bears early in the morning, late at night and during weekends.

She designs all Busking Bears products, inspired by pop culture and, mostly, "the" internet. She's the girl boss leading the conversation.

She's a rollerskater and former rollerderby player. She took rollerskating in 2013 and never stopped since. 

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Tommaso is our marketing mastermind: he's the one who's always crunching numbers and make sure that Busking Bears runs happily. With an International Bachelor Degree in Economy, Tommaso is currently traveling across the world, representing Busking Bears and doing research.

Tommaso is the most adventourus side of Busking Bears: he climbs, he bikes, he hikes. There's nothing in the world he can't do! 

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We make sure that our designs are printed on premium fabrics, made well and in a fair environment. 

What does that mean? We are a slow fashion brand, meaning that our ultimate goal is to make something we'd love to wear too. There's no point in putting fast and easy designs out there for the only purpose of selling. We like to think twice before launching any production, because every single piece matters. 

This approach reflects on our customers too: we want you to think twice before buying. We want you to read carefully behind our bold statements and think why our clothing speaks to you.

We want to start a conversation with you, not telling you what to do.


We do not produce our own clothing (at least not yet) so the least we can do is making sure that every piece we choose has certain certifications that show that all the processes of production were fair, meaning that no one was underpaid to produce that garment. If you're interested in the theme of "fast fashion" please watch "The True Cost" on Netflix. 




Busking Bears is a project by 

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