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About the roller skating revival




Roller skating is one of our main interests as our creative director Irene is strongly passionate about roller skating and deeply involved in the italian and european scene.

When she started playing roller derby, back in 2013, she knew that she was assisting at a phenomenal revival. Soon she got in touch with many other disciplines outside roller derby and her passion started to rise.




Ramp skating, street skating, roller disco, figure skating, you name it. There are so many possibilities when it comes to roller skates that we just can't put them all down.


Today roller skates are sold in common stores (like Decathlon) again. It's amazing to see how many people got interested by watching documentaries about roller derby, movies, videos of the Moxi team or getting in touch with the amazing Chicks in Bowls community.



If you're new to the subject and want to know more about it, follow the links. If you're italian, you'll find all the needed information on Irene's blog. You can find her on instagram too.


Irene doing a carthwheel on skates on a wooden ramp.

Photo: Benedetta Bassi